Your Money’s Safe

It’s really important to make sure your money, and your friends money, is safe when you book a holiday. Orchid City and Spa and our other company The Great British Stag is protected by the IPP scheme so if anything should happen to us you will get all your money back. Any of our team are happy to discuss this with you and explain what it all means.

Below we’ve put together a few questions we get asked about this.

So, when you pay us money, it is protected by the International Passenger Protection (IPP) scheme.

– What does this mean?

If we go bust you will get your money back.

– Who or what is the International Passenger Protection scheme?

IPP is an insurance scheme backed by the worlds biggest insurers which specialises in financial protection within the travel industry.

– Why are you not ATOL bonded? 

ATOL is a scheme for tour operators who sell flights as part of packages. We don’t sell flights. If you book any travel packages with ATOL bonded operators that do not include flights, then the security of ATOL bonding does not apply to your package.

– Why have you joined this scheme? Are you planning to go bust?

We are not planning to go bust, and only companies that manage their finances well are able to join IPP (which in turn keeps the premiums low); the short answer is that we are legally bound to protect our customers money.

– Legally bound, what does this mean?

Boring but important: we sell and organise our own holidays therefore we are a tour operator. This means that we are covered by the European Package Travel Regulations which requires us to protect our customers monies against our own insolvency.

– So all travel companies should have this protection?

Yes! But the law is not enforced very well and there are unscrupulous companies who ignore their obligations. If you are considering buying a holiday make sure your money will be protected and don’t be fobbed off with “we have a separate client/trust account” – this is best practice but doesn’t guarantee your money is protected.

For more information on IPP please click here