How to use My Orchid Weekend

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how group leaders use our ‘My Orchid Weekend’ system.  Group leaders have a different level of access to standard group members and will be able to do more on the system.  If you are having issues or problems please contact us.

There are three ‘How to’ sections:

  1. Registering on the system and inviting people (group leaders only)
  2. How to allocate money on the system – see this guide
  3. How to reset your password on the system – see this guide

Registering on the system and inviting people

Step 1 – Invite Email

You’ll receive an email as group leader to register for the “My Orchid Weekend” system.  On the invite email will be your unique password and a link to take you there.  Click on the link on the email to login.

Step 2 – Login page

Once you’ve clicked you will be taken to the Login page.  You will be asked for three things, your booking reference, (which will be in the subject line of the email, as well as all the other confirmation emails), your email address (this must be the same as the one the email was sent to), and password from the email.  This information may already be prefilled on this screen.

Step – 3 Update Profile

 Once you’ve clicked “Log in” the next screen will prompt you to change your password, add a security question like ‘year of birth’ and tick a box to agree to the terms and conditions. 

Step 4 –

After clicking save and you’ll be in the main dashboard for your booking where you can see how many people are booked in and for what packages.  You’ll also be able to see what money has been paid and what is due.

Step 5 – Inviting friends

If you want group members to pay via the system you will need to send them an invite.  So, on the dashboard page you’ll need to click “Add Participant”

Step 6 – Adding group members

Once you’re on the ‘Add Participant’ page you need to fill in the name, email address and what package they will be doing.

Step 7 – Send Invite email

Back on the dashboard page there will be a list of all the participants you’ve added  and a green button next to their names to say “Invite by email”, they will be sent a similar email to you with the link and a unique password to log in. 

How to use My Orchid Weekend

If you are having any issues please contact the office: [email protected]