Spring 2018 wedding trends: Where to tie the knot…

Glass marquees have been popping up in our Pinterest and Instagram feeds ever since Pippa Middleton had a crystal palace erected on her parents’ estate. It’s an effortless way to bring the outdoors inside so it’s perfect for those spring weddings where a little bit of protection from the weather is always appreciated!

Industrial spaces are the perfect backdrop for any wedding. The starkness of these space often frames typical wedding décor such as floral displays in a fantastic way. These venues are versatile too, you can find a rustic country workshop or inner-city gem with high ceilings and natural tones that make them the perfect ceremony and reception spaces.

Venues with lots natural light and a stripped back aesthetic make for a beautiful wedding backdrops. This backlash against the cluttered and highly decorated ceremony means planners are now much more focused on more minimal palettes with accent colours and feature pieces like a floral wall.

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