Something different for a hen weekend

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“I’m organising a Hen weekend and I want something different”

Over the past 10 years we have been asked countless times that we are looking for “something different”.  People are always looking for something new for a hen weekends and corporate event.

The biggest problem for our team is remembering that something different for one group is something quite normal for us.

It’s always really worth discussing this with people.  I remember one person a few years ago thinking that one night away with a meal and club was really pushing the boundaries.  And for their group it really was, they had never been away before and this was totally new territory for them.

This reminds us that you have to start at the beginning with every new enquiry.  One persons ‘latest trend’ is another’s’ been there, done that’.

Things have really moved on in the last ten years.  In the early naughties I went to Chamonix on a destination visit and stayed at the Clubhouse, an ultra-cool boutique hotel.  The bar team there, who were also behind Match in London, offered us Match Spring punches, (several) and discussing doing a cocktail clinic.  We thought this was a fantastic idea and as soon as we came back we started offering it in all our UK destinations.  It fast became the bestselling activity for hen weekends.

The Cocktail Clinic’s remains one of the most popular activities.  Cupcake Decorating and all things vintage is the current trend. Charleston dance lessons and Afternoon tea are one of the most asked for activities, and there are many other activities like Butlers in the Buff or burlesque dance lesson or Horse riding that will remain popular.

Also something different can be achieved by making something a bit more special.  If you take the Thermae Bath spa as an example.  You could book a 2 or 4 hour session at the spa and use all their wonderful facilities, but we like to suggest booking the private Cross Baths as part of a package.  It’s part of the spa but it’s a totally private outdoor thermal bath with it’s own changing rooms and it would be exclusive to your group.  You can book champagne and canapés and make the weekend really special.

So, what’s our advice?  Well, doing the latest or coolest activity is good, but is it right for your group?  Make sure you think about the plan for the weekend rather than focusing on one element.

Ask our advice on what will work best in what destination.

Remember, if you don’t see it, just ask.  It keeps our product development team on their toes!