The Secret to Group Bonding on Your Weekend Away

It’s a matter of fact that a large majority of the weekends we plan and organise are for big groups with individuals that are often from different circles of friends. The idea of spending a whole weekend with people you don’t know can be daunting, so we thought a blog post on the secrets of group bonding would be invaluable. Below we have outlined the best ways to ease any awkwardness and help make life-long friends.

Play games

Starting out your weekend with some fun games to play is a great idea, whether you are celebrating a birthday, or a hen. Often a little friendly competition can go a long way in helping everyone relax and equally they can speed up the process of getting to know one another. If you need some inspiration, then look at our ‘games to play on your hen do that everyone will love’ blogpost.

Create a weekend #hashtag or group album

Sharing memories fast-tracks any friendship and this is where social media and photography becomes an amazing tool. At the start of the weekend get creative and think up a hashtag for the weekend so that you can share all the highlights with your group and friends/family.

Be creative with rooming lists

If there are pre-existing friendships amongst the groups, why not mix it up and be imaginative with your room listing. A large majority of our hotels have both executive triple and quad rooms which means more flexibility with sharing. Likewise, conjoining rooms will help create that same shared space whilst still giving you some space. If it works with your group size, then this is a great idea.

Choose an activity which requires teamwork

A lot of the activities that we offer encourage teamwork and this ties in nicely with playing some competitive games. If you are keen explore the city, then a competitive sightseeing treasure hunt might work well or you could get active with a ‘It’s a knockout’ style game day.

If you haven’t already, create a group chat or event page for the weekend

Being able to communicate before a weekend away means you have already started to get to know one another before the party has even started! Creating a group chat that includes everyone is super easy, especially with platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp. So, what are you waiting for – let the fun begin!

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