Packing Essentials for a Hen

If you are like me or any of the girls at Orchid HQ, packing for just a couple nights away is a difficult task! You needed about 3 outfits, but packed 20 to be safe! Here’s a little help with what’s worth packing amongst all the clothes:

  1. Playlist – okay you don’t need to actually pack this one so that frees up some room for an extra pair of heels! Check out our party playlist we created on Spotify whether it’s the road trip there or a pre drinks party.
  2. Kitty – time is precious, create a kitty and this will avoid individuals queuing for drinks or the dreaded bill splitting in a restaurant.
  3. Straighteners – remain frizz free but you don’t need 10 pairs, check who’s being them for the team which means less suitcase stuffing for you!
  4. Chargers – it’s an easy one to forget as it’s left plugged in beside the bedside table but make sure you keep the phone charged for all those camera-worthy moments!
  5. Hen Party Games – Mr & Mrs Quiz questions to get the party started and dare cards to keep the party going on the night out. Check out our hen game suggestions here.
  6. Decorations – Personal touches such as decorating the hens room will make your Bride-to-Be feel like a VIP, don’t forgot to include a couple bottles of bubbly too!
  7. Hen accessories – we like to keep it classy but hen accessories can definitely bring unity to a group. Here’s some more henspiration for you with our favourite accessories.
  8. Recovery Kits – make the hangovers as temporary as possible and the drunken stories forever. Bottled water (bonus points for personalised labels), mouth wash, and plasters for feet who haven’t seen heels in a while are all ideas of what you can include.
  9. The finishes touches – have you got your going out bag? No one wants to be carrying around Mary Poppins attire when cutting some shapes on the dance floor!
  10. Itinerary for your weekend – that’s something we can help with. Book with Orchid and we put together all the important information which leaves more time for you to sit on your suitcase squashing in all those extra outfits you have packed!

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