My Stylish Hen Weekend

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Hen parties can strike the fear of God into people.  So often when I get invited on a Hen weekend I have visions of the hen being dressed up in L plates, funny coloured test tube shots and being in a tacky nightclub where you stick to the floor.   Not what most people want.

I was recently asked to organise my friends hen weekend and she said the words we hear so often, “I don’t want a clichéd hen weekend”  “Nothing tacky”.  Well that’s always a good starting point. She asked me about the latest things to do and instantly jumped at the idea of our Vintage Hen weekends.  Her main aim was to have a stylish hen weekend, so I went on to explain an idea of a weekend in Bristol.  Helen was one of my best friends from University so I wanted to make the weekend extra special and let her in on my idea of my stylish hen weekend.

Vintage hen weekends have become very fashionable over the past year for lots of reasons.  Firstly it’s a very elegant period and the fashions and styles of the time are very cool.  Secondly, it was a simple time, and this is a very refreshing change for the times we currently live in.  Finally the theme is stylish and makes for a chic hen weekend, which is exactly what Helen (my friend) was looking for.

So, my friend asked how we could make the weekend as vintage as possible.  My suggestion was as follows.


Rather than go with a big commercial chain hotel we can book an independent boutique hotel with a cool style, in this case one in the stylish Clifton village in Bristol.  It’s great to have a hotel with atmosphere which is quite difficult to achieve this if you don’t know the hotel, but i’ve stayed here a few times and it’s perfect for this weekend.


For the daytime we are going to do a Charleston dance lesson followed by a photo shoot in an amazing venue.  So often the venue for the activity makes the day.  The venue we have booked for the dance lesson and  photo shoot is a  1920’s speakeasy that fits perfectly which the weekend theme.  The best bit is we get to keep all the best images from the photo, which I’m sure, will be a priceless memory of the weekend in years to come.


Obviously a stylish dinner and GoldBrick House in Bristol is exactly the sort of place she will love.  The cocktail bar upstairs is amazing and a great way to get the evening started.  We will then be heading to Pam Pam’s, a club with vintage style.

As she is based in Australia and flying back for the hen weekend and wedding we have very little flexibility on dates so we have booked this all up over a year in advance and she is very excited.  I can’t wait too.  I spend all day organising other peoples events and not getting to go on them, but now I can.