How to Get a Job with us…

A few years ago I wrote a blog about how to get an interview with us. This was written as a result of several terrible applications and telephone interviews. I’d started to think there are no good candidates out there. There are good ones but there are a lot of bad one too.

I saw a post on LinkedIN a few days ago that said “10 things that require Zero Talent”. It hit me that anyone coming in for an interview should be able to demonstrate most or all of these things.

They were:

1 Being on time

2 Work Ethic

3 Effort

4 Energy

5 Body language

6 Passion

7 Doing Extra

8 Being prepared

9 Being coachable

10 Attitude

I normally hate these sorts of things but this is spot on. Before demonstrating that you have the suitable set of skills to you should be able to tick all of these things. They literally require ZERO TALENT!!

So, here’s what we expect.

1 Being on Time – This is so easy. Get here early. Always arrive 5 minutes before the start of the interview. If you’re running late, call us.

2 Work ethic – You might need to tell us about this but we should be able to see from your CV that you have a strong work ethic. Send us an email after the interview to let us know your thoughts.

3 Effort – Making an effort can be seen by us. Think about it.

4 Energy – Be enthusiastic, be full of energy. It makes a huge difference.

5 Body Language – Think about this in advance. There’s enough on the internet.

6 Passion – Tell us about your passion. We can tell passionate people.

7 Doing Extra – This is huge! Do something above and beyond. Bring biscuits, tell us about some research you’ve done before the interview. Lots of applicants do this.

8 Being prepared – Know what we do. I can’t believe people come into an interview and don’t know what we do. If you don’t know, ask in advance.

9 Being coachable – Tell us that you want to learn, be open to ideas about how you can develop as a person.

10 Attitude – This is one of the main things we look for. Think about your attitude before you come in. The world doesn’t owe you anything. Be positive.

If you don’t do the above things then you won’t get the job. Also, other people coming in will do these things, so you’ll look very poorly prepared.

Finally tell us you’ve read this blog in the interview. It demonstrates a lot of the above.


(Founder and MD or Orchid City & Spa)