How to book

Our Booking Process is very simple.  You pay for your place on the weekend and that secures the package for the whole group.  So, for example, if your package price was £149 per person, the deposit would be £149.  We can do a smaller deposit if required.  We’re created a Frequently Asked Questions section below to answer any questions you have.



How do I book a weekend?

All we need is one person’s package price as the deposit.  So you can pay for your personal place on the weekend and it secures the weekend for the whole group.

What happens once I’ve paid the £deposit?

We will firstly send you an email receipt for the payment and then book the accommodation for whatever group size you think you have.  We’ll then send you a booking confirmation email and an invite to use the online payment system.  We’ll then pass you over to the bookings team who’ll discuss the timings for all the different elements in the weekend.


How can I pay the deposit?

The deposit can be paid on a debit or credit card over the phone or via bank transfer.

Can I do a cheaper deposit?

Yes.  Contact us and we’ll explain how to do this.  We can do a deposit from as little as £25 but we would require other members of the groups to pay too.

Can I pay more than the deposit?

Yes, you can pay any amount you like.  If you have collected money already from the group you can pay this to us and then allocate to them on our system.

What if I don’t want people to use the system?

That’s fine, you can collect the money from them and pay it into the system.  You can allocate payments to other group members on the system so you can keep a track of who’s paid.

Can I pay in full? 

Yes, that’s fine.

Is the deposit refundable?

No.  The deposit for the weekend is non-refundable.


What happens if we cancel the weekend?

If you cancel the whole weekend you will lose all the deposits paid towards the weekend.


Can we amend the elements in the weekend after the deposit has been paid?

Yes, that’s fine and there’s no cost to do this.


Can someone take my place if I pay my deposit and don’t come?

Yes, we can reallocate this deposit.

What if it’s a last minute booking and people have to pay in full?

If you’re travelling soon and we require full payment then we will let you know.