Hen Weekend Inspiration

Are you looking for hen weekend inspiration?  Organising a hen weekend can be really difficult as you want to make the weekend really special but memorable and unique too.  Finding inspiration can be the hardest part!  We’ve put together some ideas below that will hopefully inspire you.  Remember we tailor all our weekends so if you would like help planning the weekend contact one of our experienced team and we’ll be able to help.

Hen Weekend Inspiration

Hen Weekend Inspiration




Where to start?

So, there are different ways you can approach the planning of a hen do. Most people will fall into one of these 5 categories:

  1. You might be working to a budget.
  2. You might have a theme or style for the weekend you’re planning.
  3. You may have a destination in mind, but nothing else.
  4. You could have a daytime or evening activity in mind but you’re not sure where to go.
  5. You have none of the above and just don’t know where to start!?


You are working to a budget?

Having a set budget can appear to be hindrance to start with but can often be the best starting point.  Not having a budget can result in group members dropping out further down the line due to price and the whole weekend collapsing.

High Budget

So, starting with how much you have.  You may have a healthy budget and therefore you can do whatever you want but it’s more likely you don’t have this as most groups are on a mixed budget.   Assuming you do have an unlimited budget then you can get whatever you want, 5* hotels, private dining, luxury spa treatments the whole 9 yards!   Try our 5* spa package in London with dinner at The Oxo Tower.  The Montpellier Chapter in Cheltenham was voted in the top 100 hotels in the world by The Sunday Times a few years ago and we offer lots of different packages there.

Medium Budget

If you’re on an medium budget then you’ll have to have a think about where you spend your money.  Some people like to spend the money on the hotel so you can enjoy the facilities while others will downgrade the hotel so they can do more over the weekend.  Compromise is often the key word.  You may not be able to do all the things you want but there are ways of trimming the weekend without reducing the quality.  Try our package search box (top left corner) and you’ll be able to play around with the budget you’re working too.  Your money goes a lot further in certain destinations so you may be able to include all the elements you want if you go somewhere like Bristol, Cardiff or Leeds.

Low Budget

A tight budget is often the biggest issue.  We have groups coming to us all the time wanting ‘Ultra-luxury’ but with a 2* budget.  Compromise now is the key word.  Changing from a two night stay to a one night stay can save a lot of money.  Changing from more expensive destinations to cheaper destinations is great way of bringing costs down.  A great example of this is one of our most popular packages including the Thermae Bath Spa.  The Thermae Spa in Bath is a brilliant spa for groups and is great value for money.  A two hour session with towel, robes and slippers is only £36pp.  However staying in Bath is not cheap.  It’s one of the most expensive destinations in the country for weekend breaks.  We have a great package where you can stay 20 minutes down the road in a fantastic harbourside 4* spa hotel and we include private return transfers over to Bath.  The weekends can often save you over £100 per head and you are not limiting the quality of the weekend.  It’s a great options for groups who want a night out too as Bristol offer more nightlife options than Bath.

If you come to our team with a budget we’ll be able to advise you on the best options.



You have a Theme or a Style to the weekend

We have lots of groups coming to us with a theme for their hen weekend. It’s a great starting point as you can easily construct a weekend with different elements that fit the theme.  Vintage themed weekends have been very popular over the past few years and activities like vintage make-overs, vintage photo shoots, vintage afternoon teas, Charleston dance lessons are incredible popular and we always get great feedback.  Our team will also be able to advise you on restaurants that fit the theme, for example The Loft in the Milk Thistle Bristol is an amazing venue for private dining if you have a Vintage theme.

Some groups want to Relax & Refresh, so we’ve put together some hen weekends that include relaxing elements like spa treatments and afternoon teas.

For groups who want the best of both worlds, great night life in a city but also want to get out into the country side we’ve created ‘Town & Country Girl’ packages. Some locations like Cheltenham work really well for this sort of package as you have the Cotswold’s on your doorstep, so you can have a great night out in the evening and during the day you can go horse riding or clay pigeon shooting in the countryside.

Sometimes it’s not a theme that people have but the hen might be a bit of a ‘foodie’ or wine connoisseur. Our Wine & Dine packages are perfect for this sort of group.  The private dining options we have in all our destinations are great for this type of package.  You’ll have your own space for the evening and you can relax and enjoy good food, great cocktails and wine.

Our ‘Hot in the City‘ packages are for groups who are looking for classic hen fun.  While we actively avoid doing the cliched hen weekends there are some activities you can do like the ever popular Cocktail class.  We also have options like private boat hire where you and your group can cruise around the harbour in Bristol.  We’ve even done packages where you have a cocktail barman and butler in the buff on board to serve your drinks!

There are literally thousands of potential themes and we’re yet to find one we can’t help with.  Some activities like dance lessons can be adapted to work for your style of weekend.  Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll put some ideas together for you.

If you’re looking for some ideas and inspiration for your hen weekend have a look at our ‘What’s your Style?’ page an hopefully you’re get lots of inspiration.

Hen Weekend Inspiration - Styles


You know the Destination

Knowing the destination is the most common starting point.  Deciding this is a great start however it does need to be thought through as we very often get groups coming to us wanted an expensive destination but not having the budget, or wanted to go to London, but wanting countryside activities (it really does happen!).  We have 10 destinations we specialise in.  We’ve put together hen specific pages for all the destinations and also activity ideas for all the destinations.

So if you’re looking to go to London there are lots of packages to choose from but we can tailor all our weekends.  If you have an activity in mind and you can’t see it on our London Activities page just ask us and we’ll be able to package it up for you.  Our team will also be able to advise you on what works well together.   London is a good example of a destination where we will structure the weekend to work for you.  As it’s such a big place we try and arrange the weekend so there isn’t too much travelling between venues.

Have a look at our Hen Destinations pages for some inspiration  for your weekend.

Hen Weekend Inspiration - Destinations


You have an activity in mind?

Having an activity in mind is also a good starting point.  If you have flexibility on destination then you should be able to get lots of different packages and the prices will vary.  This means you can pick and choose the options that work financially best for your group.

Certain activities work well for large groups like private treasure hunts or dance lessons.  For groups looking for more relaxing activities then craft workshops and cupcake decorating has been really popular this year.  Then there are the classics like cocktail making master classes and afternoon teas.

We often get asked by groups who are who are looking for ‘something different’.  There are always new activity options that appear. Get in touch and we’ll be able to advise.


Hen Weekend Inspiration - Activities


You don’t know where to start!

Don’t feel alone, lots of people start this way.  Try by looking at our ‘What’s your style?’ page and ‘Activities‘ section.  If you’re still drawing a blank then the best thing to do is call us.  Having a chat with one of our team might help point you in the right direction.  We speak to people all the time who have no idea and with a  little bit of information from you we can send hotels and packages that will really help.

Contact us:

You can call our team on 0800 234 62 64 or email us on [email protected] and we’ll be back to you.

Sometimes speaking through the options with an expert can make you realise you have a clearer idea than you first thought?

Hen Weekend Inspiration - Orchid City & Spa