Games to play on your weekend that everyone will love

When it comes to helping you organise your weekend away, we want your group to enjoy every single moment. Playing a game is not only a fantastic way to pass the time in between activities, they can also be an ice breaker and help the group get to know one another.

If you are feeling up for a challenge, why not make the games competitive. Just pick a game leader and over the weekend let them tally points every time each person wins. A small prize could incentivise the whole group and it doesn’t have to be anything more than a cocktail. There is something for every group so get ready and put your game face on.

  1. The competitive one: Bride to be/birthday girl trivia quiz

This is probably one of the more popular game choices as it focuses on the person that everyone knows. Before your weekend away, ask the Hen or Birthday Girl to answer a list of quiz questions about themselves. If the weekend you’re planning is a surprise, then the person closest to them should be able to help. For a hen do, questions about previous relationships are fun; this can also work well as a Mr and Mrs. Quiz where the questions focus on the couple’s history. Whereas, with a birthday quiz you can include questions such as “where was the birthday girl born” and “how did she celebrate her 18th birthday.” You do this in pairs or teams to work out who knows the bride to be/birthday girl best while the Hen or Birthday Girl can act as game master.

  1. The one that involves alcohol: Taste test

Doing an alcoholic taste test is a fun and unique way to start the night of drinking. All you need is a selection of miniature spirits and a blindfold, so a scarf or eye mask will do. Everyone takes it in turns to be blindfolded and tries to identify each drink using only their sense of smell. If people struggle, then you can let them have a small taste as well. Ultimately, whoever gets the most correct answers wins.

  1. The sightseeing one: Treasure Hunt

In all our locations, we offer a ‘Competitive Sightseeing’ team-based treasure hunt.  With clues concealed amongst the famous landmarks, hidden treasures and in some of the locations the odd historic pub or two, this activity is the perfect daytime icebreaker to generate some friendly competition. If you are interested in including this game in your weekend, then simply make an enquiry with us or if you have done already then mention it to the advisor who is planning your weekend.

  1. The one where you get to know each other: Two truths and one lie

We actually played this game at our Christmas party in Chamonix. As I had only been with the company for a few months, it was a great way to get to know each of my colleague’s better. Each person comes up with three statements, one of which is a lie and it’s up to the rest of the group to decide which one it is. This game requires your best poker face, especially if you are with a close group of friends.

  1. The one guaranteed to make everyone laugh: Make-a-model

Out of all these games, this one requires the most preparation as someone needs to print of a variety of photographs of male celebrities. The intention is that everyone builds their dream man out of body parts and the person who creates the groups favorite wins! If you are willing to be a bit crafty, then this game will have the whole group in stitches as everyone tries to justify why they have chosen “Channing Tatum’s abs” or “George Clooney’s silver fox hair”.

  1. The one to get everyone dancing: Dancing Chain

This one is pretty simple but no less a winner as it always helps get everyone on the dancefloor. It all starts with everyone standing in a circle and one nominated person doing a simple isolated dance movement (like shaking their hips). Everyone else in the group then copies this until the next player on the right adds in another move. This continues around the circle till the last person and you have created a dance routine. Inevitable this may take a few attempts, especially with a large group. But it’s always bound to ‘shake off’ any awkwardness.

  1. The daring one: Would you rather

We think that it still one of the funniest and cheekiest party games you can play. Take it in turns to offer the group two choice scenarios and everyone has to pick their preference. What makes this so much fun is you can make each dilemma as tough and shocking as you like so it’s appropriate to play anywhere. Just be prepared for some lengthy debates if two people disagree. Good luck!

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