Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many ‘Frequently asked questions’ you or members of your group will have so we’ve tried to answer the most popular ones here. Also below are questions relating to the online payment system

Questions about Booking a weekend

Can I change a package and have a tailor made weekend?

Absolutely, the packages are just to give you an idea of the types of things we can do and prices. You let us know what you would like and we will organise the package for you. We will be able to arrange meals in whatever style of restaurant you would like and whatever sort of club you like. We have loads of activity ideas too, far too many to list on this site.

Can group members pay you direct?

Yes, we have an online payment system.  More details and questions about this system can be found below.

What is your minimum group size?

Our minimum group size is 8 people. This is because our reduced rates are based on 4 or more rooms based on 2 people sharing.  If you have 6 people we can still help but prices might change.

Can some people do one night?

Yes, we can have some people staying two nights and others staying one.

When are your open hours?

Our opening hours are from 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

How do I book?

Please call us on 0800 234 6264 and we will confirm the booking.  We will send you a link to make a secure deposit payment. You can also email us on [email protected].

All we require is one persons package price to sure the weekend.

More details on this can be found here.

When do I receive confirmation of my booking?

Once you have paid your deposit a booking confirmation will be sent out via email. On final payment of your balance you will receive your detailed holiday itinerary.

How much deposit will I have to pay?

The deposit is one persons package price. In some cases the deposit may be more (eg if event tickets are being bought) but we will let you know about this in advance.

How do I pay you?

You can pay a deposit by credit or debit card or you can pay by cheque or bank transfer.

We have an online payment facility so you or any member of your group will be able to make payments direct to us. This mean you will not have to collect the money from the group unless you want to. More information on this can be found here:

When do I have to pay the balance?

Your balance is normally due 8 weeks before the date of travel.

How do I know you keep my money safe?

We are bonded by International Passenger Protection (IPP). Whenever you pay us you will receive an IPP insurance voucher and in the unlikely of event of our business failing before you’ve gone on holiday you can claim a full refund from IPP. This is not Travel Insurance.

Should I buy Travel Insurance?

Orchid strongly recommends that you get Travel Insurance. If you do have it or when you are choosing it please also check that everything on your holiday plan is covered, as not many policies will, as standard, provide cover for horse riding or other “high risk” activities. Travel insurance can cover you for emergencies but it may also cover you for any cancellation fees paid to Orchid should you have to cancel.

What happens if I want to change my booking or cancel it?

You can change your package after booking.  You’ll need to speak to our personal organiser and they will amend the booking for you as long as it’s prior to your final balance being paid. At our discretion, and with reference to any costs that we have already incurred, changes may be made after the final balance is paid although we reserve the right to charge a £25 admin fee for each change. If you decide to cancel your booking, for whatever reason, you will be subject to our standard cancellation charges details of which can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

If you cancel your booking before your balance due date then you will lose your deposit.

Why should I use your company and not just book direct?

We specialise in taking the hassle of booking the weekend away from you. If you have the time and want to book it yourself then you are more than welcome to.

When we visit the hotels we use we get given agency rates. On top of all this we will give you an itinerary with details of bars and clubs we recommend. Our organisers will be able to recommend suitable restaurants and bars that we know you will love.

Will you give us the hotel names?

Yes, of course we will. We wouldn’t expect you to book anything without knowing the name. The reason we don’t on the website is we can’t guarantee there is always availability. Once you have contacted us we will look into the availability of suitable hotels and give you the details.

Will we get in everywhere if we are a hen group?
Being a hen group can be an issue in certain bars, restaurants hotels and clubs. We have arrangements in all the venues we use and it will not be a problem. In some venues they request no fancy dress, but we will let you know in advance if this is the case. We also like to stress that as we use some of the best places we ask you are on your best behaviour. All venues have the right to deny entry if an individual is too drunk or aggressive. Mini lecture over!

Can I contact you over a weekend if there are problems?

Yes, phone us and leave a message. If the issue is hotel related we do stress that in the first instance you attempt to resolve the issue yourself.

Questions about the online payment system

Our most popular ‘How to’ questions  (and answers) about the online payment system are below:

Does it matter if people pay for more than one person on the system?

We look for the overall balance for the weekend and the participant section is more to help you out with who is attending etc. As long as you let me know the correct numbers and who is doing what package (if you have multiple packages) the balance will reflect correctly for you.

Do I need to add the hen or birthday girl to the participant details?

You don’t need to add them to the system, a lot of groups like to keep the details of the weekend a surprise so choose not to add the bride to be or birthday girl. Someone can pay the money in for the bride to be or you can split the cost of the Bride between the group by changing the allocations when you add everyone to the system.

My amount due on the system as the group leader is higher/lower than I expected, why is this?

The group leaders balance shows the remaining amount that hasn’t been allocated to the rest of the group. If you add more people to the system this amount will amend accordingly. If it still doesn’t look correct please contact us, it might mean that we need to amend your numbers at our end.

Some of the group haven’t received the system invite to ‘My Orchid Weekend’

As the emails come out from the system they sometimes go to junk or spam, so we ask that you check there. The email will be from ‘The Bookings Team’. As the group leader you are CC’d into these emails so you should be able to forward any of the emails to people who are struggling to locate these.

My password isn’t working and I’ve locked myself out of my account

Often the password field pre-populates when you go to log in, this could be pre-populated with the original password as it cookies old information and not the one you changed it to. We suggest that you delete the information in the password field and enter the password you changed it to when first logged in to ‘My Orchid Weekend’.

We can reset group leaders passwords so please do get in touch if you are having problems (we are unable to reset individual group members passwords).

How do I reset group members passwords if they are struggling to log in?

Scroll down to participants section and click on re-invite by email, this will send them out a new email and generate a new password.
Please note if you send out the invite again to multiple group members it will reset their passwords to the new email sent out.
If some people in the group have already logged in and changed their password to something they remember they will have to do this again and use the newly generated password to log in.

How do my group make payments towards the weekend?

If you are group leader you will be sent an invitation email from us with a link to My Orchid Weekend. You will need to click on the link and log in with a password we will supply you. On the system there is a button to ‘Add Participants’ once you’ve added the group you can click a button and send them an email invitation to the weekend.

Can we pay in instalments?

Yes, you can pay in instalments, at any time up until the payment deadline date. The minimum amount you can pay is £25.

Can I pay for someone else?

Yes, that’s fine. We can allocate payments to other group members.

As group leader do I have to use this system?

No, you can still collect the money from the group and call your organiser on the deadline date to confirm the final payment.

Is this system safe?

Yes, all your personal details are encrypted so it’s safe to use.  We do not store card details.

I’m not doing the full weekend, how much do I pay?

When you log on as a group member the group leader will have selected the package you are doing with the amount you have to pay. If this is incorrect you will need to contact the group leader and they can amend this.

When do I need to pay by?

Your group leader will have given you a deadline date, it’s normally about 8 weeks before you travel. It will be listed on the online payment system.

Where do I find my booking reference?

It’s on the email invite.

Is my money safe with Orchid City & Spa?

Yes, we are protected with IPP, International Passenger protection. You can find out more here.

What card can I pay on?

We accept all major credit cards including American Express.

As group leader how do I know everyone has paid?

You will be able to see all the payments made on the online system.

What happens if I miss the payment deadline date?

At the deadline date we finalise the booking with all the suppliers and start making final payments. Anyone who wants to join the weekend after the deadline date will incur an admin fee, but only if there is availability. The group leader must contact their organiser here and find out.

Can I get a refund once I’ve paid?

If you need to cancel before the deadline date your card will be refunded.

What happens if the group doesn’t reach the minimum number required?

Every quote is based on a specific group size. If the numbers don’t get to this or are below the minimum group size of 8 people the group leader will need to call their organiser at Orchid City and Spa and they will look into it for you.

What happens if I cancel my place?

If you cancel your place after the deadline date you can replace them with someone else but you will not be able to get a refund.

Is there a credit card charge?

No, we don’t charge for credit or debit cards.

Does everyone has to use the system?

No, it’s totally optional, if you don’t want to use it you don’t have to.

Can I change the name of the Group leader

Yes, you’ll need to ask us to do this for you.