Five top reasons for booking early

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I know we don’t like to hear it but Christmas will be here before we know it and with that come’s 2016! I hold my hands up, I am guilty too of leaving the festive shopping to the eleventh hour but with that comes stress, unfortunately planning group weekends at the last minute are much the same!

Here are our five top reasons for booking early:


1.       Having peace of mind – Knowing that something is secured, you can relax and we can get to work!


2.       It allows you added time to plan the finishing touches – These touches are what makes the weekend really special for the leading lady. For the Brides-to-be planning the celebration those last weekends before the wedding are all-important for last minute changes of table plans and hair appointments!


3.       Avoid missing out of the times you want for your weekend – Often elements get booked up quickly especially the unique activities offered, as soon as you let us know we can secure the perfect timings for your weekend to run effortlessly.


4.       Ensure you have all the people you want on your weekend – Give your group plenty of time to save the date and put a bit of money back each month towards the weekend.


5.       Get 2015 prices – Everyone enjoys a good deal. Inevitably prices increase each year so securing something now means more money for a tipple or two!