Applying for a job with Orchid

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Over the past few years we’ve recruited for several roles and we always seem to find people doing the same things. Send bad applications. I have no doubt that there are loads of really talented people out there and I’m also sure we discard a lot of them because their application and CV’s are so bad.  So I thought I would help the process along a little and give people the secret of how to get a great job with us.


Firstly you should have read this blog if you are applying for a job with Orchid.  Anyone who is going to go to the effort to apply for a role should do a little research on the company.  We all know you should read their blog, find out the history of the company, look at their social media and find out what they do.  If you do this then you should have some questions when it comes to the face to face interview stage.


If you’ve read this blog and done your research you’ll realise we’re not like every other company, we’re different.  We don’t want your average candidate we want someone really brilliant and this means you don’t necessarily need a huge amounts of relevant experience.  We want smart people who can add lots of value to our team and grow with us.


So, starting at the beginning.  You’ve read the job advert, you looked up the company details so you need to send your application.  Firstly the cover letter.  Having read the job advert refer to it and tell us why you can do the things we want, and even tell us what you can’t do, but how you would like to learn.  It’s not very difficult to write a relevant cover letter. Don’t send a generic one.  It stands out a mile. We know.


Next your CV. Make it relevant to us.  I don’t want to see your last 20 jobs there.  I want to see who you’ve worked for and why that will be good for us.  The biggest turn off for us is the personal statement.  99.9% of personal statements start with things like “I’m a highly motivated, intelligent, hard working individual blah blah blah”.  You’re not.  If you put this you are unoriginal, clichéd and lazy.  This is your one opportunity to tell us about who you are and what you’re like.  Take that opportunity, be original.  Put a link to your blog, Twitter, Facebook.   I would rather know the real you than read stuff which I don’t believe.  Two more things

1. Make your CV look nice.
2. Spelling (!!), need I say more.


I know job applications are tough, but trust me an original application will get you an interview. You will already be in the top 1%.


So, if you manage to demonstrate an original application you’ll get a telephone interview.  I’m sure there are loads of books out there which will tell you how to do the perfect interview but this is how we see it.  Do these things:


·         Be flexible and keen for the interview. It shows eagerness.

·         Be prepared, at least look at the website.

·         Answer the phone, it’s really bad but it happens.

·         Sound excited about the opportunity

·         You’ll be nervous but be excited and engage in conversation




Some of the best telephone interviews I’ve had have run on far too long and I’ve hardly asked any questions because the person on the phone has engaged with me.


Next the face to face.  Be prepared again.  Remember elements discussed in the telephone interview. This makes the start of the interview relaxed and also helps me remember who you are (!) we have hundreds of applicants.


Dress however you think suitable.  You’re selling yourself to us.


Relax, difficult to do I know, but try.  You should try to be excited about the opportunity and you should be able to tell us about yourself (hopefully it’s the person you know the best!)


Bring questions, not loads and not boring one’s.  They should be questions you really want to know the answer too.


Finally be honest.  Of course you are coming to sell yourself and we want that, but be careful not to over play your experience.  It won’t sit right with us.


Right, now for the top secret bit, the special word you need to mention in he the interview is cappuccino, this way I know you’ve done your research 😉


If you follow all these things and you’re really talented you stand a really good chance of getting the job.


My final point is all the things I’ve written about in here are relevant to getting a job with us.  I know there are lots of companies out there want the standard cover letter and CV so they can tick boxes.  Not us, we want the best people to be part of our business and to make it something really special.


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