5 mistakes to avoid when planning a hen party

Organising a hen can be a stressful business, especially if its your own! We want to help make the whole process run more smoothly and there are a few big mistakes we have learnt to avoid when trying to organise the perfect hen!


1. Getting on the guest list

There is nothing more disappointing than getting glammed up and not getting into the club or bar due to being a single sex group, so sort out guest list entry if you are planning a night on the tiles.

Handy tip: If fancy dress is on the agenda, always check if they allow this.


2. Know your audience

The grandmother of the Bride on a high speed RIB ride is probably not wise!  Tell us about your group, and we can recommend fun as well as audience-appropriate activities that include all of the party.

Handy tip: Keep in mind the time of year for your activities too.


3. Keep it real

We know hen parties don’t always run on time – making sure you have enough time to get yourself between venues is essential (especially if you’re in heels!). Being realistic with the schedule and what works is so important.

Handy Tip: Make sure you get the fine balance between putting enough activities in your weekend and too many. 


4. Too many cooks spoil the broth

All too often we find those group leaders who give the group choices end up in a bit of a pickle!

Handy Tip: If you have a Facebook group chat or event page then create a poll for big decisions and leave the rest up to only a few key group members.


5. Work to budgets which suit your group 

An all-singing all-dancing weekend package is great, but most Brides-to-be would rather compromise to ensure her nearest and dearest can all attend the weekend.

Handy Tip: Giving the option of both a one or two-night stay to the group allows those with a smaller budget to opt for just the main night.